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NEC dualscreen Android Cloud Communicator fails to impress at CES

first_imgThe market looks set to be flooded with Android tablets soon, so it’s nice to see a company like NEC experimenting with a dual-screen format. Unfortunately, this first attempt isn’t going to win many fans.The device on display at CES is an updated dual-screen version of the NEC Cloud Communicator. In order for any new Android tablet to compete on the market it needs to hit a few must-haves on the feature list. They include capacitive screens, a HD resolution, and the latest version of Android.It’s the features where the dual screen Cloud Communicator fall down. Both displays are resistive touchscreens meaning they require pressure or a stylus to use. The resolution of each is also only 800 x 600. As for Android, it will use 2.1.Watching the video you can see this device has potential, but in its current state it looks underpowered with the Cortex-A8 processor at its heart struggling to cope.We’re unsure what’s going to happen to this device. It looks as though NEC is offering the device as a base to any vendor that wants to use it as atablet solution. But we suspect anyone looking at it will come to the same conclusions we have and NEC need to go away and update everything about it.Read more at EngadgetMatthew’s OpinionIf you could make a device light enough and thin enough with two displays then I think there would be a market for it. The issue you will always face is battery life, but having the extra screen real estate would allow you to do more, or view content in a more book-like format at least.What I don’t get here is how NEC think this device will sell. It’s outdated in all the important ways it shouldn’t be. Resistive touchscreens are out, with capacitive the superior alternative. The low resolution of each display is also unacceptable meaning HD content playback just can’t happen. Then there’s the old version of Android–why isn’t this a 2.3 device?The last nail in the coffin has to be the choice of processor. The Cortex-A8 is a very capable chip, but that’s when it’s inside a smartphone with a single, small display. It does not belong in a dual-screen tablet, and especially not without a strong GPU to back it up. As Engadget rightly point out, NEC need Tegra 2 inside a device like this to be taken seriously.last_img read more

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